Delta Schoolcraft Strategic Plan
Following more than a year of dedicated work, the DSGSC created a Strategic Plan to support the work of early childhood in our 2-county area. This work was guided by the Office of Great Start and the Michigan Early Childhood Outcomes:
  • Children are born healthy.
  • Children are healthy, thriving, and developmentally on track from birth to third grade.
  • Children are developmentally ready to succeed in school at time of school entry.
  • Children are prepared to succeed in fourth grade and beyond by reading proficiently by the end of third grade.

An Early Childhood Assessement was conducted to determine the needs and strengths of the current system. The assessment process reviewed local and state level quantitative data as well as qualitative data gathered through local surveys and focus groups. The process identified the needs, strategies, and actions to be targeted over the next several years.
Through this process, the Great Start Collaborative identified themes regarding the needs of the early childhood system. This process led to the development of our 3-year goals.

Goal 1: Families have access to high quality services and resources to utilize them.

Goal 2: Conditions in the system support providers and agencies.

Goal 3: Children have support and preparation to transition to kindergarten.

Goal 4: Services reflect the input of families and providers. 

Please click here to view the Action Agenda of our current Strategic Plan.  For a full-copy of the plan, please contact us. 

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