The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is a
quick, practical way for you to get a
“snapshot” of your child’s progress
in several important areas:
 Communication
 Fine and Gross Motor Skills
 Problem Solving
 Personal/Social/Emotional
The ASQ is designed to be filled out
by you, the parent. The results will
help you understand your child’s
development and alert you to any
potential concerns.
Each child is unique and special. As parents we do all we can to keep our
children happy and healthy. We know our children better than anyone.
Sometimes we are simply curious about how our children are growing,
changing and developing. The Ages & Stages Questionnaire, (ASQ-3) is a
simple screening tool that can help you guide and track your child’s
growth and development during their first 5 years. Additionally, the
Ages and Stages Social Emotional Questionnaire (ASQ-SE-2) is a screening
tool that will more specifically help you better understand your child’s
social and emotional behavior.
Both of these screening tools are now available FREE on our website at where you also find child development, school
readiness, preschool and childcare information, local resources and
community events.
If you have questions, please contact us at: 906-786-9300 ext 111.

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