Child Development

Learn About Your Child’s Development

Young girl kissing mothers pregnant stomach


Baby laying down, looking curiously into camera with blankets and stuffed animals


Child playing with toy truck as if he is repairing it with toy tools


Preschoolers are busy learning basic life skills and developing a new found sense of independence. They are learning to do things for themselves like dressing and feeding themselves, have rapidly developing language skills and an imagination to match! Watch their personalities blossom as they busily learn through play. Preschoolers are trying to understand the “why’s” of the world, and are just beginning to understand emotions and how to manage them. Preschoolers need clear and simple rules to help them understand boundaries and manage their behavior. This is the time to make sure they are developing the critical skills they need to be ready for Kindergarten and will learn best when you make it fun.


Kindergartners begin their educational journey by applying their skills to learn how to read and write. They are eager to learn and wonder about the world and will soak up information like sponges. They now know thousands of words, are developing friendships and following rules. Kindergartners love attention and seek your approval. They may get upset if they feel they are not being listened to. They are energetic and crave physical activity like running, jumping and climbing. Give them opportunities to be involved in projects and celebrate their accomplishments. They will develop confidence in themselves and a lifelong love for learning.


A very happy young boy drawing with a pen