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We invite professionals working with families of young children to become Trusted Messengers to help deliver, distribute and display Talking is Teaching information.  A Trusted Messenger is someone who has established a positive, trusting relationship with parents. Utilize our free resources to share the Talking is Teaching messages with the families you serve. It’s easy!  Simply encourage parents and caregivers to talk, read, sing and interact with their children more. They are their child’s first and most important teachers. Giving them these simple tools for success to turn small moments into big learning opportunities will make a huge impact on a child’s growth and development. The video above is Elaine Koons, Education Leader at the Wayne County Great Start Collaborative, delivering a Trusted Messenger presentation. Please contact us at 906-786-9300 ext 109, to learn more about becoming a local Trusted Messenger and how to use the free tools to work with families.

Free Resources for Professionals

Talk is Teach Facilitator + Guide 30 Minute Meeting

Parent Handout Tune In — Talk More, Take Turns. 30 Min

Let's Talk About Letters

Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing

Understanding the 30 Million Word Gap

Tips for Infant / Toddler Teachers & Caregivers

Tips for Preschool Teachers and Providers

Fostering Healthy Social & Emotional Development

STEM — Tipsheet for Infants and Toddler Teachers

STEM — Tipsheet for Preschool Teachers

Research and Talking Points for Pediatrician Training

Too Small to Fail

Benefits of Being Bilingual

Tips for being Bilingual (Spanish)

Talking is Teaching Themed Content Resource Bundles

Download themed content bundles with curated resources for parents and caregivers—including book recommendations, posters, parent tip sheets, social media posts, and more—all designed to build children’s early brain and language development through talking, reading, and singing. Each bundle is based on a specific child-friendly theme (like books, water, or cars) that families can use to talk, read, and sing together anytime, anywhere. Themed bundles can be found HERE. Learn more and discover additional resources and information at TOOSMALL.ORG and

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