Bay Cliff Health Camp

Bay Cliff Health Camp

N4175 Baycliff Dr.

Big Bay, Michigan, 49808

Services Provided

Children's Summer Therapy Camp:

Bay Cliff provides a seven-week summer camp for children ages 3–17 who demonstrate proven need for therapy services (habilitation or rehabilitation) to address a physical disability/impairment and can be successful in our setting. Bay Cliff campers reside at camp for seven weeks to participate in an intensive therapy program that provides: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, instruction for the visually impaired, instruction for the hearing impaired, recreation therapy and music therapy services.  Campers are given fun-filled camping experiences as well, as they work on their therapy goals.

Other programs include:

 Camp Independence:

The Camp Independence session offers adults with physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in camping, recreational, and social activities that often are not available to them in their home environments.

Adaptive Paddling:

The 4-day course for instructor participants includes on-water and in-classroom instruction and interactive learning with adults with disabilities. Learn what disabilities are, how to work with people with disabilities, what adaptive equipment is available, and how to adapt paddles, boats, and rescue techniques. Participate in real-time instruction with a student, which involves making adaptations, a pool session, and an open water paddling session. In addition, instructors will have an opportunity to update paddling skills and practice rescue techniques.

Winter Blast:

Adult campers from our Camp Independence program get a chance to reconnect during Winter Blast. During this winter weekend of fun typically offered in February, campers have an opportunity to enjoy ice fishing and a Bay Cliff-style curling tournament. No matter how cold it gets outside, it’s always warm inside by the Big House fireplace with plenty of activities including arts and crafts, card games, puzzles and more!

Post Polio Wellness Retreat:

Post Polio Retreat focuses on improving the overall health & quality of life of polio survivors. Participants individualize the program by selecting a combination of sessions to meet their specific needs. Educational sessions, taught by local and national health care professionals, assist polio survivors in learning more about Post-Polio Syndrome and leading a healthier lifestyle. In addition, participants explore aquatic therapy, massage, aromatherapy, and other complementary and alternative medicines as they relate to post-polio wellness. There are opportunities to exercise and recreational activities to enjoy throughout the week.

Stroke Surviors Wellness Retreat:

Bay Cliff’s Stroke Survivors Wellness Retreat focuses on improving the overall health & quality of life after experiencing a stroke. This program is for individuals living in the Upper Peninsula who have survived a stroke and are livinga at home or in a nursing facility and are completed with any outpatient treatment or home-health care, as well as their caregivers.

Other non-profit programs are held year-round at Baycliff




Child has a physical disability/impairment- goes through a refereal processess. See website for more information.