Family Resource Closet

Family Resource Closet

300 Walnut Street Rm 155 (within the courthouse)

Manistique, Michigan, 49854

Services Provided



Schoolcraft County Family Resource Closet is located in the LMAS District Health Department. The Kids Cash program is a partnership between Delta-Schoolcraft Great Start and LMAS District Health Department to offer material support to families in Schoolcraft County. Families can receive “Kids Cash” for participating in various programs and activities.

The following is a list of organizations, programs, and providers that participate in the program:

LMAS District Health Department - Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Appointments, Vaccines

Healthy Families Home Visiting Program, and Maternal, Infant Health Program (MIHP)

Growing Families Home Visiting-completion for a Home Visit

Great Start/Great Start Parent Coalition -occasional educational opportunities, and events


Families receive 1 (one) Kids Cash certificate for each completed task/visit with a participating


Redeem Kids Cash at LMAS (Manistique location only). Items have various “pricing” and

can save cash for larger items

  1. No appointment is necessary to redeem the Kids Cash  M- Th  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  2. it is the family's responsibility to keep track of their Kids Cash just like real money. Kids cash is NOT replaced if it is lost.

All Kids Cash must have an original signature from service provider.

Once an item is purchased at the Family Resource Closet, it cannot be returned or traded in.




Schoolcraft County families with children ages 0 – 8 years old.