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Great Start Family Resources serve as a roadmap to identify and connect to services that support families with young children in our area. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please call 2-1-1 to speak to a live operator (Alternate Numbers & Out of the Area: 1-800-338-1119), or click below to search 2-1-1's online database, which contains more comprehensive and detailed service listings.

211. Get Connected. Get Answers.

See a listing that is incorrect or missing? Please contact us so it can be updated or added.

The Delta-Schoolcraft Great Start Collaborative is working with local agencies to connect families to the services they need when they need them. That’s why we are embracing The No Wrong Door protocol: One call. One time. One person - gets you connected. This ensures families are able to find and access the services they need as smoothly as possible. Going the extra step helps everyone.

If your agency is interested in a No Wrong Door Training where staff  learn the protocol, how to use the tools and information on how and where to make local referrals, or you are having a hard time finding the right door, contact our Great Start staff.

Ashley Aaron, Early Childhood Coordinator  906-786-9300 ext 109

Laurie Mold, Delta-Schoolcraft County Great Start Co-Director/Parent Liaison 906-786-9300 ext 111

Printable tools for No Wrong Door.

Often families don’t know where to start when looking for services. The system can be overwhelming and confusing. The Agency Cross Reference Tool identifies various agencies and the services they provide in our area community.  These agencies are well connected and knowledgeable. They can help people find the right door and connect them to services.

The Delta/Schoolcraft Early Childhood Needs At-A-Glance Tool lists some of the most commonly requested needs of families with young children. Use this to quickly identify what agency can help with a specific need.

The Referral Worksheet helps an individual/family organize and track where they have been and what information they have received.  We encourage providers to give this to the individual and explain how to use it. Simply write the referral information that you give them on the top line. You are the beginning of their journey. Remember to give your contact information and assure them they can contact you if they hit a dead end or wrong door. Encourage them to take it with them wherever they go for help. All calls and places visited can be recorded and if they have already been somewhere they can share the information and avoid being sent to the wrong door.

The Early Childhood Acronym Sheet.  The service world is full of abbreviations. It’s like a foreign language. This list helps decode commonly used acronyms used in Early Childhood making it easier to understand and find help.

List of Mental, Behavioral and Substance Abuse Providers in Delta County